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When it's time to start developing a client that consumes the GameSystem REST APIs you'll need to write a small amount of code to make things work (constructing the REST request, dealing with security and authorization headers, etc.).

If you just want to get going immediately, use Postman to make requests to the GameSystem APIs with no programming necessary.

Download Postman and follow the below instructions.


Once you've downloaded and installed Postman, you'll need to download and import the GameSystem API Postman Collection. A Collection is a group of pre made Postman requests. The GameSystem Collection contains two folders - one for each API.

Sorry, the Postman collection is currently being updated and is not available at this time.

Clicking the button above will give you the option to open the Collection with the Postman app.

Run in postman popup

A copy of the Collection will then be imported into your Postman app. Feel free to do whatever you like with the collection as it is just a copy. If you want a fresh copy you can always import it again by following the above steps.

Postman collection


A Postman Environment is a set of key-value pairs that stores variables. When importing the above Collection, a Game System Environment will also be imported. This environment holds variables that are referred to in the pre-request script as well as the URL of the request. Using the "Run In Postman" button when logged in will mean that your admin API Key, shared secret, and tenant name are automatically set as variables in the environment so you don't have to do anything extra to make requests to the Admin API. If you have multiple GameSystem apps then environment variables will be created for each app and will be referred to by the base variables. If you want to change which credentials to use, update the ADMIN_API_KEY, ADMIN_SHARED_SECRET, and TENANT_NAME variables to point to the specific app's variables. Always make sure that the correct environment is selected as in the picture below.

Postman environment

Making requests to the Client API requests a Player specific API token. This token is retrieved from an Admin request to the players endpoint. In order to make a request to the Client API on behalf of a Player follow these steps:

  1. Send an Admin create Player request
  2. Open the "Body" tab in the response section and record the API key and shared secret
  3. Click the Environments "Eye" icon in the top right hand corner
  4. Postman environment button
  5. Click "Edit" next to the GameSystem environment
  6. Postman edit environment
  7. Add two new environment variables called <PLAYER_NAME>_CLIENT_API_KEY and <PLAYER_NAME>_CLIENT_SHARED_SECRET using the values returned in the Admin API (and replacing <PLAYER_NAME> with the player's name)
  9. Postman manage environments
  10. Click "Update"
  11. Proceed to make any Client API request

Pre-request Script

Postman allows you to write a pre-request script which is executed at the beginning of a request. The script can perform arbitrary logic access and update environment variables. Each request in the GameSystem Collection contains a pre-request script that sets up the necessary security headers using your admin API key. You don't need to do anything to this script to get it to work but it can be used as a reference for how to set up the security headers when you want to move to making your own requests outside of Postman.

Making Requests

To make a request simply click on an item in the collection and hit "Send". If it's a POST request then you'll most likely need to click on the "Body" tab and change the pre-populated values in the existing body.

Postman request example


Guide coming soon...


Guide coming soon...