Upgrade your app to one of our paid subscription plans to make the most of what the GameSystem has to offer. If none of the available plans suit your needs, please contact us and we'll be happy to talk about your requirements.

  • Standard
  • Free
  • The most basic plan allows up to ten players and is ideal for testing during development.
  • 10 Players
  • Silver
  • $9.95/month
  • The Silver plan allows up to 100 Players and would suit a small to medium sized app.
  • 100 Players
  • Gold
  • $99.95/month
  • The gold plan allows up to 2000 Players and is perfect for large apps.
  • 2000 Players
  • Platinum
  • Custom
  • If none of the other plans suit your needs, contact us for a custom plan.
  • Custom
* All prices are per month and in USD