Game System

Client SDKs

Moroku provides SDKs to integrate client applications with the Game Server APIs. You can either write your own client code which adheres to the API documentation, or use one of the provided SDKs to do it for you.


The Javascript library is useful for building front-end clients that consume the REST APIs.

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The Android SDK is provided as an AAR file and can be included in a Gradle project. The Android SDK handles API requests asynchronously using Android Services and callbacks.

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Use the iOS Framework in your iOS project to handle API requests asynchronously and deal directly with useful objects instead of manually making REST requests.

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A plain Java library can also be used for non Android projects.

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The Ruby SDK comes in the form of a Gem and can be used for plain Ruby or Ruby on Rails projects. Simply include the Gem in your Gemfile, configure the endpoint, and follow the Ruby SDK Documentation.

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